Can Rabbits Eat Ginger?

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Last Updated on February 27, 2023 by Marjon Ramos

Quick Facts About Ginger:

  • Scientific name – Zingiber officinale
  • Origin – Southeast Asia, India and China
  • Most commonly found in – China
  • Average weight – 28.3 grams

While its true that ginger is not poisonous to rabbits, you should still refrain from feeding it to your rabbit because it provides little to no benefit to them.

There are other foods that’s more beneficial to your rabbit than gingers that should take priority in their diet.

Also, gingers can easily be mistaken by other root vegetables that might be poisonous to rabbits like wild ginger.

Finally, most rabbits would likely not eat gingers because it has a strong and spicy taste and smell.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on as I explain in more detail if your rabbit can eat ginger:

Do rabbits like to eat ginger?

Some rabbits would eat ginger while others would get repulsed by its strong spicy smell. But there are rabbit breeders that reported to feeding gingers to their male rabbits to improve breeding:

 I can’t remember how it was said but is supposed to improve bucks for breeding. I did give my boys some ginger root in January and in no time (about a week) they were interested in breeding. They should recieve a piece about the size of a quarter daily. The older 9 bunnies we have now are the ginger bunnies


In my case, I did try to test if my rabbits would eat ginger, both of them (Tyr and Freya), are repulsed by the smell of ginger.

Is ginger safe to be eaten by rabbits?

Ginger is safe to be eaten by rabbits as long as its only on rare occasions. You should basically treat gingers as a treat and only give them a little bit.

Be careful when feeding ginger or parts of ginger (leaves, plants, stalks, roots, etc.) to your rabbits because there are plants that are toxic to rabbits that can resemble gingers.

What are the benefits of feeding ginger to rabbits?

To properly understand the benefits of feeding ginger to your rabbits, let’s first take a look at their nutritional content and whether or not it’s within the nutritional constraints for rabbits.

You can use this nutritional constraint calculator for rabbits to see how many nutrients a ginger has and whether or not it’s within the nutritional constraint.

You can also click on the blue icon beside the nutrient to see the benefits and deficiency of each nutrient:

Nutrient Constrain Calculator For Rabbits