Where Do Rabbits Sleep?

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Wild rabbits usually sleep in a hiding hole they dig called a “warren.” Wild rabbits sleep in these holes to be protected from predators and to hide and protect their kits.

Pet rabbits will usually sleep anywhere they’re comfortable with because they have the luxury of being protected by us, their owners.

But, the instinct to dig and borrow still remains, and rabbit owners will often notice that their rabbits will dig through their floors or when outside.

That’s why it’s important that we give our pet rabbits a proper sleeping area in order for them to be comfortable in our home.

As we all know, rabbits are made to live in the wild.

Rabbit experts agree that the best way to care for your rabbits is to mimic what they have in the wild.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on as I explain in more detail where rabbits sleep:

Where do wild rabbits sleep?

A brown wild rabbit sleeping in a field.

Wild rabbits have it tough in the wild.

If they’re not careful, they could be eaten at anytime.

That’s why mother nature gives them the ability to dig extremely well.

They use this digging ability to hide from predators whenever they want to sleep or rest.

Wild rabbits also use this hole, which is called a “warren,” to hide their kits from predators and protect them from the elements.

Wild rabbits usually dig warrens to a depth of 3 meters with multiple entrances so that they can quickly escape from predators.

These warrens would usually cover a wide area with intricate networks of tunnels and multiple areas for sleeping and nesting.

Where do pet rabbits sleep?

A pet rabbit sleeping beside a cat in a bed

Pet rabbits have the luxury of being protected by us, their owners.

That’s why indoor rabbits are able to sleep comfortably in our home, given that they already scout the place and you have no other pets in the house.

You should give your rabbits some form of bedding to keep things organized.

Here are some great rabbit bedding options to choose from:

  • Hay. Hay is great as bedding for rabbits. It can be eaten, and it’s soft enough that your rabbit would be comfortable.
  • Wood pelletsWood pellets are great for being used as bedding for rabbits because they are highly absorbent, easier to clean, and cheap.
  • Towels. Towels could also be used as temporary bedding for your rabbits. Just make sure that your rabbit doesn’t eat the towel and chokes on it.
  • Cellulose. Another great option that is readily available because almost all small animals use this bedding. It’s low-cost, highly absorbent, dust-free, and can be chewed on by rabbits.
  • Aspen. Aspen is also a great wood-based bedding. It’s dust-free, non-toxic, and scent-free.
  • Shredded paper. Shredded paper could also work as rabbit bedding if you’re short on cash. The downside of shredded paper is the clean up. Shredded papers are hard to clean up when your rabbits pee on them. Also, make sure that the ink on the paper is vegetable-based because rabbits would likely eat the paper, and some mass-produced papers, like pamphlets, could contain harmful chemicals.

What do rabbits like to sleep on?

Pet rabbits like to sleep on wood pellets and cellulose the most.

This is because rabbits don’t like to sleep on wet surfaces.

Wood pellets and cellulose are the most absorbent of all the rabbit bedding, and it closely resembles what wild rabbits sleep on in the wild.

It also provides some warmth that rabbits like, especially in the winter.

Just change your rabbit’s bedding regularly or when it’s wet and your rabbits will love you for it.

Where do rabbits sleep in the winter?

While rabbit’s fur is a great insulator against cold, during winter, they tend to sleep in underground warrens lined up with twigs, straws, and other insulators as extra protection from the cold.

If you have a pet rabbit and it’s winter in your country, you don’t have to worry about where your rabbit needs to sleep as long as it’s not wet.

Rabbits are more susceptible to heat than cold.

Their fur is thick enough to withstand the cold given that they’re inside your house and their fur is not wet.


Wild rabbits sleep in a hole they dig called a “warren.”

They do this to protect themselves from predators while they’re resting or sleeping.

This intricate network of tunnels also acts as a nest to protect their kits from the elements as well as to hide their smell from predators.

Pet rabbits can sleep anywhere they want because they have the luxury of being protected by us, their owners.

Just make sure that your rabbit is not sleeping on anything wet and provide bedding like hay, wood-pellets, towels, cellulose, aspen, and shredded paper.

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