Why is your rabbit headbutting You: 3 reasons (with solution)

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Unlike most pet animals, which make a sound when they want something, rabbit owners must be aware of their babies’ body language.

Rabbits, being quirky creatures, often do the nudging or headbutting whenever they want something. It could also be a way of saying hello: I want to play.

My two rabbits, Tyr and Freya, often display this behavior whenever they want something, which is often play or cuddle time.

In this article, I will discuss the different meanings behind your rabbit headbutting or nudging you.

So without further ado, let’s get started:

Your rabbit wants more pets.

rabbit nudging owner

When your rabbit is nudging or headbutting you, it could mean that they want more pets. Rabbits usually do this to get your attention.

So if your rabbit loves cuddling or getting pets, then it’s safe to assume that’s what they want. Sometimes rabbits will even softly bite their owners if they feel they’re being ignored.

If your rabbit resorts to biting without headbutting or nudging first, then you should not give them pets. Doing so could encourage that bad behavior.

You should always ignore bad behavior and reward good behavior. To do this, once your rabbit nudges you, immediately give pet. Don’t wait for your rabbit to stop biting!

Your rabbit wants you to get out of the way.

rabbit wants you to get out of the way

Another reason why your rabbit might be headbutting you is that you’re on its way.

If you’re somehow blocking the way to something interesting, then your rabbit might slightly nudge you to tell you that you need to move now!

My rabbit, Tyr, often does this when I’m sitting on the floor and I’m blocking a part of an area he wants to examine. It’s a good thing my babies don’t bite but instead annoy me until I move.

Your rabbit is saying hello. I love you!

rabbit is saying hello, I love you!

Nudging or headbutting is also a sign of trust and affection for rabbits. Rabbits are very cautious creatures. They won’t even attempt to get close to someone who they perceive as a danger.

So it’s safe to assume that when your rabbit nudges you, they’re saying that they trust you.

Also, your rabbit might be saying hello to you or trying to get your attention. My rabbits, Tyr and Freya, would do this whenever they wanted to play and cuddle.


Rabbits headbutting their owners can mean that they want something from you. Most of the time, it’s pets, cuddles, or food.

It could also mean that your rabbit wants you to move because you’re on the way to where they want to go.

And finally, rabbits often nudge their owners to say hello, I love you so much. So give your babies a hug whenever they do this because they love and trust you!

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