sss Rabbit Age To Human Age Calculator

Rabbit Age To Human Age Calculator

Find out what’s your rabbit’s age when converted to human age with this simple calculator.

The Formula

At first, we thought of just finding the average life expectancy of rabbits and humans and then dividing them. But, rabbits and humans have different life stages. For example, rabbits, depending on the breed, enter puberty at around 3–6 months old. While in humans, it starts at 13 and ends at 20.

To consider a rabbit an adult, he/she must be at least 1 year old. While humans are legally considered adults at 21 years old.

Old rabbits are those that are > 5 years old. While humans are considered old when they’re 60+ years old.

Younger rabbits or bunnies that are less than 2 months old are harder to convert to human age because rabbits grow up so fast compared to humans that it wouldn’t make any sense if I included them here.

What are Rabbit years to human years?

Rabbit AgeHuman Age
2 Months6 Years
4 Months13 Years
6 Months16 Years
1 Year21 Years
2 Years27 Years
3 Years38 Years
4 Years45 Years
5 Years52 Years
6 Years60 Years
7 Years68 Years
8 Years76 Years
9 Years84 Years
10 Years90 Years
9 Rabbit Age To Human Age Calculator


  1. Ours is now 6 and a half years old… She is still very active and very social. She lives inside the house with us and is well trained..

    She is her mothers baby..

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