Can Rabbits Eat Broccoli? What You Need To Know.

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can rabbits eat broccoli
can rabbits eat broccoli

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Quick Facts About Broccoli:

  • Scientific name – Brassica oleracea var. italica
  • Origin – Italy
  • Most commonly found in – China, India, Spain

Broccoli can be safely given to rabbits that are at least 7 months old. While vegetables are normally introduced to rabbits at 12 weeks old, broccoli is only on the “okay” list of veggies for rabbits because some rabbits can’t tolerate it.

Young rabbits are more susceptible to digestive problems and giving them vegetables that are not on the recommended list is a gamble.

You should also limit the amount of broccoli you give your rabbits to 15 grams when starting out. You should also monitor your rabbits when feeding broccoli because it could lead to gas. If your rabbits can tolerate broccoli well, you can give it to them sparingly.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on as I explain in more details why rabbits can eat broccoli:

Do rabbits like to eat broccoli?

In my case, both of my rabbits would gobble up the broccoli I give them whenever I have one available. I’ve also asked several of my friends if they ever fed broccoli to their rabbits, and all of them reported to giving some to their rabbits due to the fact that their rabbits love broccoli so much.

Is broccoli safe to be eaten by rabbits?

As long as your rabbit is at least 7 months old and you introduce it slowly then broccoli shouldn’t cause any digestive problems to your rabbits.

The amount of broccoli you give to your rabbits also plays a role in the safeness of broccoli. Generally, a rabbit’s diet should be 90% hay, feeding any other food in lieu of hay would eventually lead to digestive problems due to the lack of fiber.

What are the benefits of feeding broccoli to rabbits?

In order for you to properly understand the benefits of feeding broccoli to your rabbits, you can use the nutrient constrain calculator for rabbits to see what nutrients your rabbit is getting whenever you feed them broccoli.

You can also click on the blue icon beside the nutrient to see its benefits and deficiency:

Nutrient Constrain Calculator For Rabbits