Can Rabbits Eat Jute?

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Jute fibers are safe to be eaten or chewed by rabbits as long as the jute fiber toy that you have is specifically made for rabbits.

Make sure that the jute toy is not treated with any harmful solvents or paints.

The best way to know that your rabbit will not be harmed while playing with or eating a toy that has jute rope in it is to buy one from a trusted pet store.

Most pet stores that sell jute use natural ingredients that can be ingested by rabbits.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on as I explain in more detail why rabbits can eat jute:

Would rabbits intentionally eat jute?

Yes, your rabbit would likely eat jute ropes or things made of jute.

It’s actually common for most rabbit toys to be tied using jute ropes because rabbits can safely eat them.

Here’s a video of a rabbit that’s safely eating a sack made from jute fibers:

Why is your rabbit eating jute?

A sack made from jute fibers. Can Rabbits Eat Jute?

Jute ropes are mostly made out of fiber.

So rabbits would likely munch on them without a second thought.

It’s also hard enough to help grind down their teeth.

This makes it the perfect choice when your rabbit is not eating enough hard food to grind down its continuously growing teeth.

What should you look out for when your rabbits are eating jute?

Always make sure that the jute rope you buy comes from a trusted pet store.

Toys that are tied with jute should not contain any paint, solvents, or glue that could harm your rabbit.

Also, other products that are tied with jute ropes or any other things made from jute fibers that are not sold at pet stores should not be given to rabbits.

Most of them are already treated with solvents and other chemicals to preserve them as much as possible.


As long as the willow ball is bought from a reputable pet store, your rabbits can eat it without suffering any ill effects.

In fact, your rabbits could benefit from eating/chewing on jute because it helps grind their teeth.

Rabbits’ teeth constantly grow at approximately 1 cm per month.

Without any hard food to chew on, your rabbits could suffer from dental problems that could lead to more serious medical problems.

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