What To Do If Your Rabbit’s Nail Is Bleeding?

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A rabbit getting its nails trimmed.

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If your rabbit’s nail is bleeding due to damaged toenails or if you accidentally cut their quick, you should immediately stop the bleeding using a styptic powder. If you don’t have any styptic powder, you could use cornstarch or flour as alternatives.

You can then clean their wound using betadine or some other similar skin disinfection method to prevent further infections.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on as I explain in more detail what to do if your rabbit’s nail is bleeding:

How to stop your rabbit’s nail from bleeding?

A black rabbit getting its nails trimmed

To stop your rabbit’s nails from bleeding, you could use styptic powder, cornstarch, or flour. You can dab small amounts of flour or cornstarch on you’re rabbit’s affected nail until the bleeding is stopped.

You should also clean the wound to prevent further infections. You can use betadine or some other similar skin disinfection.

You should also continue to monitor your rabbit’s nails until its fully healed to make sure it doesn’t get infected. If your rabbit did develop infections, you should immediately bring him to a veterinarian.

Would a rabbit’s nail stop bleeding on its own?

Your rabbit’s injured nail could stop bleeding on its own if it’s only minor damage on its quick. If this is the case, just wipe away the blood and apply some betadine to prevent infections.

But, if the damage to your rabbit’s quick is severe, you would need to stop the bleeding using styptic powder, cornstarch, or flour. In some cases, you might need to bring your rabbit to a veterinarian if the above method doesn’t work on stopping the bleed.

It’s extremely unlikely for a rabbit to die from a damaged nail.

Should you cut your rabbit’s nails?

Clipping a rabbits nails using a nail clippers for pets

You should definitely cut your rabbit’s nails. Wild rabbits are able to file their nails using rough rocks they regularly walk on. While pet rabbits need help with their nails because they’re usually walking on soft surfaces in our home.

Your rabbit’s nails should be short enough that they should not be touching the ground while they’re hopping around. As a general rule, you should regularly cut your rabbit’s nails every two weeks.

While cutting your rabbit’s nail, make sure that you only cut the white part and avoid the nerve or quick of your rabbit’s nail. If your rabbits have dark nails, use a flashlight to locate the quick.

How to keep your rabbit’s nail short without cutting it?

You can keep your rabbit’s nails short without cutting them by letting them walk/play on rough surfaces regularly. Doing this would naturally file their nails just like what wild rabbits do in the wild.

Rough surfaces like rocks should be enough to keep your rabbit’s nails trimmed up given that they’re regularly walking on it. Regularly check your rabbit’s nails if you’re planning on going this route.

How to protect your rabbits nails from injuries?

A veterinarian cutting a rabbits nails

You can protect your rabbit’s nails from injuries by regularly cutting them or every two weeks. Nail injuries in rabbits are usually caused because it’s too long.

Long nails are easily torn if it gets caught on something while your rabbit is playing/running. Torn toenails are considered minor injuries if it’s treated properly.

But in some cases, if the wound is not cleaned properly, it can develop infections that would require a visit to a veterinarian.

Would ripped toenails grow back?

Ripped toenails would usually grow back in 6 months if the damage is not that severe. But, if the nail bed is injured severely, scar tissues could form making it impossible for the toenail to grow back completely. In some cases, a severely damaged toenail would only partially grow back.

Don’t worry though, even if the nail doesn’t grow back it’s not usually a problem.


You can stop your rabbit’s nails from bleeding using styptic powder or cornstarch/flour if you don’t have one available. You can then clean the wound using betadine to prevent further infections.

If your rabbit’s torn toenails becomes infected, immediately bring them to a veterinarian. Sometimes, ripped toenails would not grow back or would only partially grown back.

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