Can Rabbits Eat Raisins?

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Last Updated on March 6, 2023 by Marjon Ramos

Quick Facts About Raisins:

  • Scientific name – Vitis vinifera
  • Also known as – Sultanas, currants
  • Origin – Persia and Egypt
  • Most commonly found in – Turkey, USA, and Iran
  • Average weight – 0.5g

Raisins are safe to be eaten by rabbits as long as your rabbit is old enough (at least 7 months old) and you only give them in moderation (2 times per week). You should also base the amount you give your rabbits on their current weight.

Be careful not to overfeed raisins to your rabbit because they contain large amounts of sugar and starch.

Rabbits should limit themselves to 0–140 g/kg of starch, meaning they can live without starch in their diet.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on as I explain in more detail why your rabbit can eat raisins:

Do rabbits like to eat raisins?

Yes, rabbits would intentionally and gladly eat raisins.

Rabbits will eat anything that’s sweet, including raisins.

Here’s a video of a rabbit eating some raisins:

We’ve also interviewed several rabbit owners about whether they’ve fed raisins to their rabbits in the past, and all of them reported that their rabbits liked eating them.

Are raisins safe to be eaten by rabbits?

Raisins are safe to be given to rabbits as long as you’re only giving them in moderation or only 2 times per week and your rabbit is already 7 months old.

Your rabbit should also never eat raisins in lieu of hay.

Hay should be your rabbit’s primary diet.

Finally, if your rabbit is suffering from digestive issues or if you suspect that your rabbit might be suffering from one, stop feeding raisins or any treats.

Treats can make digestive problems worse in rabbits.

Instead, bring your rabbit to a veterinarian.

What are the benefits of feeding raisins to rabbits?

To properly understand the benefits of feeding raisins to your rabbits, let’s first take a look at how much and what nutrients your rabbits are getting when you feed them raisins.

You can use this nutrient constrain calculator to determine if the amount you’re giving your rabbits is within the recommended nutrient constrain:

Nutrient Constrain Calculator For Rabbits