How Much Does Rabbit Food Cost A Month?

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A rabbit with a cart full of vegetables.

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You should have a budget of $40 – $90 for your rabbit’s food per month. This cost would depend on what your rabbit breed is because the larger the breed, the more food they consume.

The price would also be affected if you buy in bulk, which I highly recommend that you do. Buying hay on local farms would drive the price down considerably.

You can also stick to only giving your rabbit hay. Older rabbits don’t really need pellets while veggies could be given sparingly.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on to know the details:

How much hay does a rabbit eat per month?

A rabbit eating a lot of hay.
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For hay, we can only estimate the price per month because your rabbit should be given unlimited amounts of hay.

About 80% of your rabbit’s diet should be hay. Without it, your rabbit could develop digestive conditions like GI stasis or diarrhea.

On average, rabbits consume in the range of 2-3 kg of hay per month for small-medium breed rabbits. This number would depend on how much vegetables and pellets you’re giving your rabbit.

A 1kg of hay on amazon costs $40, this price is extremely expensive. To cut the cost, buy hay at local farms.

How much pellets does a rabbit eat per month?

A white rabbit eating a lot of pellets in a feeding bowl.
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Pellets are not necessarily needed for adult rabbits because most brands are high in carbs. The benefit of feeding pellets is that it’s efficient in delivering high amounts of nutrition.

If you’re planning on feeding pellets to your rabbit, it should only be 5-10% of your rabbit’s diet.

This data is only an estimate based on the average price of 4.5lb bag of pellets on Amazon, which is extremely expensive:

Rabbit’s weight based on breedPellets per dayPrice per month
Small breed (1.1–3.5 pounds)2-3 ounces $30-$60
Medium breed (6 to 10 pounds)3 ½ – 4 ounces$60-$70
Large breed ( 9 and 12 pounds)4 – 8 ounces$70-$130

How much vegetables can a rabbit eat per month?

A rabbit eating a lot of veggies like broccoli and tomato.
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Vegetables should be 10% of your rabbit’s diet. The data below is only based on store-bought veggies. Buying them in bulk would reduce the cost considerably. For my rabbits, my cost per month on veggies is $15.

Here’s a table to help you decide how much vegetables you should limit giving to your rabbits:

Rabbit’s weight based on breedVegetables per dayPrice per month
Small breed (1.1–3.5 pounds)<128 grams$30-$40
Medium breed (6 to 10 pounds)384-640 grams$109-$180
Large breed ( 9 and 12 pounds)384-760 grams$109-$200

How much treats does a rabbit need per day?

Two lionhead rabbits eating apples together.
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While buying treats are not really needed for rabbits because almost any fruit can be given to rabbits as long as it’s in moderation.

If you’re planning on buying a treat from Amazon, the average price of rabbit treats is $10, which should last you a month.

The total cost to feed a rabbit per month.

A rabbit with its tongue out after eating.

All in all, you should have a budget of $40 – $90 for your rabbit’s food per month. This price would depend on your rabbit’s breed and size, whether or not you’re feeding pellets, what veggies you feed, and if you want to buy dried treats.

The cost would also go down if you buy in bulk, which I highly suggest you do.

Another option is to only give your rabbit hay. Pellets are not really recommended to older rabbits because they contain too much carbs and could cause obesity.

While veggies can be given sparingly or whenever you have scraps available. Just make sure that the veggies you give are safe for rabbits.

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