How Much Poop Does A Rabbit Produce In A Day?

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how much poop does a rabbit produce in a day
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How much poop a rabbit would produce in a day would depend on its size and breed. For small breed rabbits or rabbits that are 1.1-3.5 pounds, they would produce <133 grams of manure per day. For medium breed or 6-10 pound rabbit, they would produce 220-450 grams of manure per day. While large-breed or 9-12 pound rabbit could produce >1000 grams of poop pellets per day.

The amount of poop could also be affected by your rabbit’s current health condition as well as their diet. Rabbits that have diarrhea would produce a lot more manure per day.

As for diet, certain pellets could yield more and large poop pellets especially pellets that are high in carbs.

Why do rabbits poop so much?

A rabbit looking at the litter box thinking if he wants to poop.
“to litterbox or not” by Keith Survell

Rabbits poop a lot because their digestive system is designed to be constantly moving in order for it to extract the nutrients in their food.

This is the reason why a rabbit’s digestive system is so sensitive. This requirement for constant movement could easily be thrown out of balance by the wrong diet, not eating enough, or even stress.

Which in turn can lead to dangerous digestive conditions like GI stasis and diarrhea, which is fatal to rabbits if not treated immediately.

What if your rabbit is not pooping a lot?

If you notice any kind of changes in your rabbit’s pooping habit in both the amount and the texture, immediately bring your rabbit to a veterinarian.

Changes in their poop could be a symptom of digestive distress like diarrhea or GI stasis. Both of which are fatal to rabbits extremely fast, so make sure that you consult a veterinarian.

How to know if the amount of your rabbit’s poop is normal?

A rabbit's normal-sized poop compared to what's not normal-looking poop.
“Blue poops” by Jim Robinson

There is no way of knowing what is a normal amount of poop your rabbit would produce in a day. The only way to know what’s normal is to observe and estimate how much poop your rabbit produces in a day.

The reason is that rabbit’s poop would change depending on their diet. For example, rabbits that are fed a large amount of pellets would produce more and bigger poop pellets.


The amount of poop a rabbit would produce per day would depend on their size, breed, and their current diet. Small rabbits(1.1-3.5lbs) would produce <133 grams of manure per day. While medium breed(6-10lbs) would produce between 220-450 grams of manure per day. And finally, large-breeds(9-12lbs) would produce >1000 grams of manure per day.

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