Rabbit Pooping Everywhere. But Why?

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two rabbits sharing a litter box surrounded by poop
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Rabbits pooping everywhere is usually caused by hormonal behaviors due to being unneutered. Unneutered rabbits would start exhibiting territorial behavior like pooping everywhere starting at 4 months old.

Getting your rabbits neutered or spayed would usually stop your rabbits from pooping everywhere. Neutered rabbits are also easier to litter train so definitely get your rabbits neutered before they reach their sexual maturity.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on as I explain in more detail why rabbits your rabbits are pooping everywhere:

Reasons why your rabbits are pooping everywhere.

Rabbits that are pooping everywhere can be caused by a variety of conditions. It could be as simple as an unneutered rabbit or some kind of disease.

Here are the most common reasons why your rabbits might be pooping everywhere:

Your rabbits are not neutered.

The most common reason why your rabbit is pooping everywhere is likely due to hormone-related territorial behavior. Rabbits that are not neutered would poop everywhere to mark their territory.

Neutering your rabbit would drastically improve this problem and would make litter training easier.

If your rabbit is already neutered and litter trained but they’re still pooping everywhere, talk to a rabbit trained veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

Your rabbits are having digestive problems.

Another possible reason why your rabbits are pooping everywhere is likely due to some kind of digestive problem. Diarrhea, kidney stones, bladder infections, and pain can cause your rabbit to lose their litter training.

Digestive problems are usually accompanied by one or more symptoms like:

  • Reduced/no appetite.
  • Hunched or bloated appearance.
  • Lethargy.
  • Loud teeth grinding or grunting.
  • Any changes in their stool

Consult a rabbit-trained veterinarian if your rabbits start exhibiting signs of digestive problems.

Your rabbits are stressed.

Stressed rabbits can also trigger them to lose their litter training. Usually, rabbits that lack social interaction with another rabbit or lack of exercise are the main causes of stress in rabbits.

Stress can also be caused when you move their litter box, made any changes in their home, or you moved apartments. Rabbits don’t like changes, they’re creatures of habits.

Your rabbits are confused.

Certain cleaning products or anything that causes harsh smells could trigger your rabbits to lose their litter training. Harsh smelling products would confuse your rabbit’s sense of smell which could lead to an increase of marking.

You have a guest or a new rabbit.

Territorial rabbits can start increasing their markings whenever a guest or a new rabbit entered their vicinity/territory. This is a more common behavior if two male rabbits are paired together.

Why is your neutered rabbit pooping everywhere?

holland lop rabbit surrounded by its poop

Neutering a rabbit would only improve their territorial behavior. Certain triggers could lead to your rabbit losing its litter training.

Certain triggers like stress, health problems, new territory, or new rabbit could lead to an increase in markings. Your rabbits would likely return to normal after these triggers are fixed.

You should also consult a rabbit-trained veterinarian for a proper diagnosis.

Why is your rabbit pooping outside the litter box?

Rabbits pooping outside their litter box is either a sign of territorial behavior of unneutered rabbits or a lost litter training.

It could be that your rabbit hasn’t fully grasped their litter training. If your rabbit is only litter trained for a couple of weeks, it might need more time to perfect it.

Rabbits likes to poop while eating. Your rabbits should be standing on their litter box while eating. Also, make sure that the litter box is big enough for your rabbit.

How to stop your rabbits from pooping everwhere?

The best way to stop your rabbit from pooping everywhere is to get them neutered. Neutering a rabbit would lessen their hormonal-related territorial behaviors like pooping everywhere to mark their territory.

You should also litter train your rabbit by placing a litter box to the place they frequently poop.


Rabbits that are pooping everywhere are a common territorial behavior that rabbits do to mark their territory. To limit this behavior, you should get your rabbits neutered before they reach their sexual maturity at 4 months old.

Neutering or spaying a rabbit would also make it easier to litter train your rabbit.

Finally, even neutered rabbits could lose their litter training due to certain triggers like health problems, stress, new rabbit, and new territory.

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