What Does Rabbit Meat Taste Like?

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Rabbit meat tastes a lot like chicken due to the fact that both are white meat. The biggest difference between the two is the texture. Rabbits have less fat compared to chicken, so they’re drier.

Chicken also wins a little when it comes to flavor because it’s a mixture of dark and white meat compared to rabbit meat, which is mostly white meat.

Now that I’ve given you the gist of the article, read on as I explain the article in more detail:

Does rabbit meat taste good?

A man cutting a rabbit meat to be cooked What Does Rabbit Meat Taste Like?
“Preparing Meat Rabbits” by Chiot’s Run

The taste of rabbit meat will depend on the age of the rabbit. The general consensus is that the younger the rabbit, the better it tastes. Older rabbits, especially wild rabbits, tend to develop a strong smell, making it hard to eat if cooked wrong.

Rabbit meat is comparable to chicken and would take on whatever spices you put on it (spicy, curry, savory, etc.).

How does rabbit meat compare to other meats?

Rabbit meat has the most protein per serving, the least fat, and the fewest calories per serving when compared to other meats like chicken, pork, beef, lamb, veal, and turkey.

It’s also more environmentally friendly to consume rabbits. Meat rabbits is fast to raise and requires little space.

What does domestic rabbit meat taste like?

Domestic or farmed rabbits have more fat in them. The reason is that rabbit farms mostly feed their rabbits pellets to grow them as fast as possible.

Because of this, farm rabbits have a milder taste compared to wild rabbits. Wild rabbit meat has more aroma due to the variety of their diet.

Also, farm rabbits have pinkish meat due to higher concentrations of fat in their muscles, making them tenderer.

What does wild rabbit meat taste like?

Skinned wild rabbit meat. What Does Rabbit Meat Taste Like?
“”Lakeland wild rabbit” by Andy Roberts

The biggest difference between wild rabbit meat and domestic rabbit meat is its aroma. Wild rabbits have a more earthy aroma due to their abundance of choices when it comes to their diet.

But, as wild rabbits get older, that aroma could develop into an unpleasant smell, making them hard to consume. So if you’re planning on eating wild rabbits, make sure that they’re still young.

Due to its low-fat concentration, wild rabbit meat is also redder than farm rabbit meat.

Is wild rabbit meat better than domestic rabbit meat?

The only advantage of wild rabbit meat compared to domestic rabbit meat is its aroma.

However, compared to farm rabbits, wild rabbits have significantly less meat. Which makes them a less popular choice due to the effort required for less meat.

The aroma of wild rabbits’ meat would also depend on the season, age, and the food available for them. So, for most people, domestic farm rabbits are better than wild rabbits due to their negligible advantage.


Rabbit meat tastes a lot like chicken because both are white meat. The biggest difference between the two is their texture. Rabbits are drier because of their low-fat concentration.

The only difference between wild rabbit meat and domestic farm rabbit meat is their aroma. Wild rabbits have more aroma due to their diet.

But, wild rabbits also have less meat in them and the aroma they produce would get worse the older they get. Which makes them harder to eat.

So if you’re planning on eating wild rabbits, make sure that it’s still young.

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