Will Two Female Rabbits Fight? 4 things you need to know.

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Two female rabbits will fight if both of them are unneutered. In fact, female rabbits will fight more regularly than two male rabbits who will fight less frequently but more violently.

The only way to stop female rabbits from fighting each other is to neuter them both. This would lessen the hormonal aggression that starts when the rabbits reach puberty.

If you notice any of your rabbits fighting, separate them as soon as possible. Two rabbits fighting would often result in horrific injuries.

Injuries like shredded ears, noses, and eyes are the most common. In some cases, rabbits can even fight to the death.

Will two female rabbit siblings fight?

Will two female siblings rabbit fight?

Two female rabbits who are related would never fight and would be inseparable when they are young. But after they reach puberty, around 3 to 4 months, the fighting will start because of their hormones.

Although less likely than unrelated female rabbits, two siblings’ rabbits will still fight once they hit puberty. This is the time where their hormones will kick into overdrive. Rabbits that enters puberty will become territorial and aggressive towards other rabbits.

That’s why, whatever the combination of rabbits, it’s important to get both rabbits neutered or spayed before they reach puberty.

Be prepared to have separate cages if you have two female rabbits because they will fight frequently once they reach age.

Reasons why two female rabbits will fight.

Reasons why two female rabbits will fight?

Your rabbits are not spayed.

Unspayed rabbits have a higher chance of fighting, especially if they are both females. Female rabbits would actually fight more frequently than two male rabbits.

The difference is that two male rabbits would fight more aggressively. Male rabbit fights would often result in severe injuries and sometimes death.

While female rabbits will fight more frequently. But the injuries they sustain are not as severe as two male rabbits fighting.

Regardless of gender, it’s important that both rabbits are neutered or spayed before introducing them to each other.

The female rabbit is territorial.

While less territorial than two male rabbits, female rabbits are still territorial over their food and personal space. They can still get aggressive if the other rabbits are close to their territory.

That’s why when owning more than one rabbit, especially if they are of the same gender, you should prepare to have separate space for them in case they fight.

The female rabbit is protecting her kits or is pregnant.

Pregnant rabbits are very protective of their kits and will fight any rabbit that gets close to them. That’s why when one or both of your rabbits are pregnant, it’s important to have separate cages for them.

The female rabbit is in pain.

Rabbits that are sick or are in pain could develop aggressive behaviors. If your rabbits suddenly become aggressive toward each other and they are both spayed, one of the rabbits is likely in pain.

Check for any missing fur or open wounds. You should also check their teeth and ears for any abnormalities.

Just to be safe, bring your rabbit to a veterinarian for a more thorough check. The problem might be in places you can’t manually check, like their gut or broken bones.

What can you do to stop two female rabbits from fighting?

What can you do to stop two female rabbits from fighting?

Get both female rabbits spayed.

The most effective method is to get both rabbits spayed, regardless of gender. Neutering or spaying would ensure that any hormonally related aggression would stop.

This hormonal-related aggression will start once the rabbit hits puberty or at 3 to 4 months of age. Get your rabbits spayed before they reach puberty to stop them from fighting.

Separate them or give them separate bowls.

Separating rabbits is another option to ensure that both female rabbits do not fight. Give your rabbits separate bowls of food and water so that they won’t compete for food.

Additionally, give your rabbits separate hutches to sleep in so that they can decide on their own when they want to bond and socialize.

Can two female rabbits kill each other by fighting?

Can two female rabbits kill each other from fighting?

It’s rare for two female rabbits to fight each other to death. Unlike two male rabbits who are more aggressive and would fight until the other surrenders.

However, two female rabbits would fight more often, but the fights would be short and would result in fewer injuries than two male rabbits.


While less aggressive than two male rabbits, two female rabbits can still fight and could result in severe injuries. To stop your female rabbits from fighting, you should get both rabbits spayed before they hit puberty, or around 3 to 4 months old.

Spaying would ensure that your rabbit would not have hormonal related aggression and territorial behavior.

Another solution to stop your two female rabbits from fighting is to give them separate bowls of food and water so that they won’t compete for food.

You can also provide separate hutches so that both your rabbits can have their own personal space.

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