Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

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Rabbits, being energetic creatures, like to keep themselves busy and would easily get bored with a sedentary life.

That’s why rabbit owners frequently share bizarre tales about their pets. Jumping, dashing, and chewing on everything in the house have been reported by some owners.

My two rabbits (Tyr and Freya) don’t move their bedding, but they do like to move things when I don’t give them enough attention or when they’re just bored.

In this article, I will be discussing the different reasons why rabbits move their bedding. I’d also go over the various tried-and-true solutions for correcting this behavior.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

Your rabbit is entertaining themselves.

jennifer chen aB3wYypke8M unsplash Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

Rabbits, being naturally energetic, have tons of energy that needs to be expelled one way or another.

That’s why your rabbit would do all those random things like run around in circles, munch on their cage, and other crazy rabbit stuff out of nowhere.

Similarly, rabbits could also move things around when they’re bored. Other rabbits move their bowl, while others move their bedding or anything that’s inside their pen or cage.


You can clip your rabbit’s bedding onto their cage so that they can’t move it.

Your rabbit might be pregnant.

melanie kreutz IFnknR2Mv5o unsplash Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

Pregnant rabbits are bound by instinct to build a nest. Usually, pregnant rabbits would remove any obstacles like bedding in order to make way for them to make a nest.

Female rabbits’ pregnancies can last up to 31 days, and they can produce up to 12 kits. During this time, it’s best to remove any bedding and provide a nesting box.

A nesting box can be anything from a cardboard box to a wooden box. The nesting box should only have an opening at the top and be lined with hay.

Your rabbit is bored.

jennifer chen h0GbJwpMNiM unsplash Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

Bored rabbits would do all kinds of crazy things in order to entertain themselves. Some rabbits would run around in circles while others would move around the stuff in their pens or cages.

My rabbits rarely do this behavior because they have enough space and toys to entertain themselves. I suggest buying your rabbits some toys or letting them out for a couple of hours a day to exercise if their cage is too small.

Here are the most common signs of a depressed rabbit due to boredom:

  • Overgrooming
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Overeating
  • Loud noises
  • Chewing on things
  • Digging
  • Low energy


Play with your rabbit more often and provide enough space for them to exercise. You could also provide toys so that your rabbit can entertain themselves.

Your rabbit wants to sleep on a flat surface.

hassan pasha zXGv2SrdZfU unsplash Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

Some rabbits prefers to sleep on a flat surface instead of a soft bed. Rabbits much prefer flat surfaces during the warm season because it’s much cooler to lie on the floor compared to a bed.

If you live in a tropical country or any place that’s warm, you have to make sure that your rabbit has enough ventilation to prevent heatstroke.

You can try putting cold bottled water inside your rabbit’s cage to help them cool off. Wrap the bottle in towels because rabbits don’t like their fur to be wet.

Your rabbit wants some pets or cuddles.

erik jan leusink SDX4KWIbA unsplash 1 Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

Your rabbit might be trying to get your attention by moving its bedding. Rabbits do this when they’re bored or when you’re not giving them enough attention.

If your rabbits like getting pets, then consider this to be the problem.

You can tell if your rabbit wants pets if they make any noises or any attention-seeking behavior, and when you come close, they get excited.

Where should you place your rabbit’s bedding to prevent them from moving it?

You can place your rabbit’s bedding on the edges of their pen or cage and clip it in place. This would prevent your rabbit from moving their bedding.

After some time trying to move their bedding, your rabbit would likely surrender and get bored because they can’t move it.

What is the alternative to rabbit bedding?

lucy m KNMbRhf5IT8 unsplash 1 Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

An alternative to rabbit bedding is a towel or newspaper. Most rabbits actually prefer to sleep on the floor because it’s warmer.

But if you still want to put something between your rabbit and the floor, then a towel, a newspaper, or even hay can be a bed for your rabbit.

Should you just let your rabbit move their bedding?

tamas tuzes katai fLj1a73qCB0 unsplash Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

If your rabbit is bored, then it’s fine to let them move their bedding. Unless they are damaging their bedding while moving it or doing anything destructive, then it’s totally okay for rabbits to move their bed.

There are a lot of reasons why your rabbit might want to move their bedding. It could be that they want to get somewhere and their bedding is on the way.

Whatever the reason is, unless destructive, I don’t see any reason to just let your rabbit do what they like.

Is it okay for rabbits to sleep on the floor with no bedding?

sgalagaev 5iSCtrJX5o unsplash Why Do Rabbits Move Their Bedding: 4 reasons (with proven solution)

Yes, rabbits can sleep on the floor without any bedding. Actually, most rabbits would prefer to sleep on the floor where it’s cooler.

Some bedding is too hot for rabbits; that’s why they won’t sleep in it.

In addition, be careful with cages that have wire surfaces. Your rabbit can have sore hocks when they sleep on it for an extended period of time.


Rabbits move their bedding when they are bored, want attention, pregnant, or want to sleep on a flat surface.

If the reason why your rabbit is moving their bedding is that they’re pregnant, you should remove their bed and provide a nesting box. Line the nesting box with hay so that they can start building their nest.

Check out our gestation calculator for rabbits to learn how to manage your rabbit’s pregnancy from start to finish.

If the reason why your rabbit is moving their bedding is that they want some attention, then consider giving your rabbit more cuddles. You can also get your rabbit a friend if they are alone all the time.

If the reason why your rabbits move their bedding is that they’re bored, then consider spending more time with them and provide them with some toys.

If the reason why your rabbit is moving their bedding is that they want to sleep on the floor instead, check if it’s currently hot in your location. Your rabbit might be seeking a cooler place to sleep.

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